Китай: 40-годишен отиде в болница с бременната си 12-годишна жена

Pic shows: The pregnant girl; A man who took his pregnant wife to hospital for a check-up was detained by police after the "woman" was found to be no older than 12. The girl, unnamed in reports, was accompanied the 40-year-old man and another woman who claimed to be her mother-in-law. The trio arrived at the Xuzhou City Central Hospital, in East China’s Jiangsu Province, claiming that the girl was 12 weeks pregnant and that she needed a routine test to confirm that her foetus was healthy. The husband and mother-in-law said the wife was 20 years of age, but medics immediately alerted local authorities when they found the young patient to be more like a schoolgirl than a "woman". Doctors who tried to question the girl were unable to get any answers from her, as she did not speak any Mandarin. One of the staff said: "It’s obvious she is just a child, not 20 years old." Their suspicion is also said to have angered the husband, who was quoted as saying: "I took her here to be examined - just do your job. Stop asking so many questions." Arriving police officers found that the girl did not possess a Chinese ID and concluded that she was a foreign national from Southeast Asia, but her exact origins are still unclear. Investigators suspect that she was abducted or bought as a foreign bride - the Chinese have a history of purchasing Vietnamese brides from across the country’s southern border. However, further investigation is now under way to determine the facts

Шок в Китай предизвика новината, че 40-годишен мъж е посетил болница със съпругата си, която е на 12 години и била в напреднала бременност.

Мъжът твърдял, че момичето е жена му и е на 20 години. Лекарите ясно подчертали, че „очевидно е, че това е едно дете.“

Веднага лекари уведомили полицията, която се втурнала към болницата и арестувла мъжа и майка му, която го придружавала.

„Ние я доведе тук, за да я прегледате, просто си вършете работата. Спрете да задавате толкова много въпроси,“ крещял мъжа на лекарите.

Полицията не е открила документ за самоличност, който да показва точната възраст на детето. 12-годишната говори мандарин (китайски диалект) и не може да се разберат с нея и да им каже възрастта си.

Смята се, че произходът на момичето е от Югоизточна Азия и пристигнала в Китай от Виетнам като невеста.

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